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Schools structure


Buildings on campus:

2011 - 2013

From the idea to the project: Planning and construction of the first school block with two classrooms
Construction of a round hut for the school administration


Building of a second school block with two classrooms and sectors for administrative purposes and storage


Construction of a second round hut for the teachers and other staff members of the school

2014 – 2015

Construction of a new toilet facility with 4 toilet rooms


Building of new a kitchen for the school

Nursery School


Opening of the Nursery school (first block) with three classes K1, K2, and K3
K3 children had to be taught for some time in the round hut, which was originally planned for the school administration. About 80 children in the Nursery School attended in the first academic year.

Dezember 2014

26 children (the first group of K3) successfully completed their Nursery School such that they could start as proud P1 pupils their next academic year in February 2015 in the newly built primary school block.


Primary School


After the completion of the second school block, the 1st class of the primary school P1 was opened in February 2015 with 26 children.

All children of nursery-and primary schools receive lessons between 8:00 to 16:00 hours. Breakfast and lunch are provided for the school pupils. The pupils are taught by professional teachers. As always the case is, and this is common practice and according educational system in Uganda, the kids wear school uniforms.

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