Last Updated: Monday, 07 February 2022

Warm welcome

Hope for a better Education

"The children of Palabek Lugwar". HOPE for a better Education and better future!

This is how it all began ....

Our Vision

  • With the educational project H.O.P.E we want to contribute to, especially in the area of Education and welfare, the regional construction as well as the village development in order to improve the living situation in Palabek / Lamwo district

Our Motto

  • Helping Others Prosper through Education

Our objectives

  • To give the children in the region the chance, through education, build up their own future, offering them the chance to participate in the reconstruction and building of their village
  • The campus H.O.P.E should become a place for education and act as cultural meeting point for the children and their parents
  • The project should be a corner stone for all involved through their own contribution, to promote to the regional and rural development. For this purpose, beside the Nursery School, a professional School should be built up in which, above all, women should have the chance to learn handcraft, sewing etc., which can help finance their living
  • Musically talented youngsters should develop and promote further their abilities and skills in the cultural activities like traditional dances and traditional music (bwola, larakaraka, lakubukubu, lukeme, etc.)


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