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The Association Palabek H.O.P.E School

The Association Palabek H.O.P.E School which was founded in May 2014 with its headquarters in Niederreifenberg has, as its main objectives, to give children in the village of Palabek-Lugwar in northern Uganda through education a chance to develop their personal and professional perspectives. We want to create on the campus HOPE a place of education and cultural exchange and support the initiative of the people to regional development.

H.O.P.E stands for „Help Others Prosper through Education”

We are daily confronted with disasters and wars around the world shown on television, read on social media and newspapers showing us where it is currently most "burning". Once a new hot or trouble spot has been identified, other regions disappear from viewpoint as point of interest. But what about the people who have survived these wars and disasters?

Such an example of a forgotten war was raged for nearly 30 years in northern Uganda. People have been displaced from their villages. Approximately 25,000 children were abducted and abused as child soldiers or slaves. A whole generation grew up in camps who have never learned and grown up in any social structures except living in camps and confronted with life in the camps. Social life in the villages no longer existed such that it must be developed again step by step after the devastating war.

In the first step a Nursery School (school for children from 4 to 7 years) was built through private funds and opened in 2013. Through our own initiatives and with the support of our donations a second school building was built for a primary school for children from 7 years. It was opened in February 2015 with the 1st class. About 92 children visited Palabek HOPE School in 2015 and were taught by five qualified teachers.

With our activities such as for example, the organization of the "Table of cultures", a get-together-party for and from different nations or cultures and the sale of beads, bracelets and necklaces made out of paper, we raise money to support our project. Every donation reaches the school projects directly.

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