Last Updated: Sunday, 10 February 2019

The following persons are members of the Board of governors


Karla Kamps-Haller
Ms. Karla Kamps-Haller
Born in 1950. Has a diploma in Commerce. She was in charge of adult education at Wiesbaden University of Applied Sciences for many years.
She initiated the project during her first visit to Uganda in 2009.

Vice President

Richard Sixtus Olany
Mr. Richard Sixtus Olany
Born in 1955. Mechanical Engineer. Has been living and working in Germany for many years.
Richard was born in Palabek Lugwar. The Campus of HOPE was built on the land of his family and clan.


Renata 2018 j web

Renata Wielgomas
Born in 1975 and living since many years in Niederreifenberg. She is originally from Poland. After her studies in music and Economics, she works as music teacher


Calogera (gen. Lina) Novella
Born in 1949. She has been living in Niederreifenberg for many years. She is originally from Sicily
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